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Reselling PaySaber is easy. USA ePay, developers of the PaySaber software and hardware, have created many reseller sales programs for a variety of sales agents and referral partners interested in PaySaber solutions. The USA ePay reseller channel team has everything to provide resellers with the right tools and support they need to offer the PaySaber products to their clients.

Getting started is as easy as sending an email or placing a call. Once we find the right reseller program to fit your company's needs, a free reseller account will be created for you to keep track of your sales. A reseller sales representative will also be assigned to your account to provide answers to any direct questions you may. We offer a wide variety of reseller programs from basic referral partners to white-labeled premium resellers. Contact us today to get started.

Reseller Reporting

Keeping track of your clients and your sales figures is important, which is why every reseller has access to the Reseller Center featuring an array of reseller reports. Each report features important information regarding your sales, from the number of "active" merchants, to the number of transactions being processed by your clients.


Each reseller has a different level of access to information regarding their clients. Your reseller support representative will be able to help you get access to all the reports your company will need.




Sales Tools

To generate those sales we understand that you need the proper tools and support. This is why we provide every reseller with a wide range of sales tools specifically designed to help you market, advertise and most importantly sell the PaySaber line of products. Our online media section is just one example of the tools we provide. It contains videos, detailed product images and live action shots which can be used freely by registered resellers.


Support is important not just to your clients but also to you, the reseller. This is why a dedicated support department, aside from just your representaive, is always available to help you answer any questions and get you the right tools you need to complete your sale. Our friendly team will also provide any training and schedule webinars to make sure you are properly trained in all products.


White-Labeling and Branding

Enterprise resellers and larger banks often prefer a completely branded or white-labeled solution and USAePay is pleased to offer that with the entire line of PaySaber products and software. Whether you need the online console and login branded with your logo, or need the entire hardware line branded with your company name and logo, we have the right solution for you.


A complete team at USAePay is dedicated to white-labeling the gateway and PaySaber solutions. There are certain requirements and minimums which are required for each different branding package, so please contact a reseller team representative for more information about which branding package will be right for your company.


PCI & PA-DSS Compliant

The Online Merchant Console is Level 1 PCI Compliant and covers all the secuerity requirements set by the card issuers. This guarantees the highest level of security for your business.
Understanding the built-in security of the PaySaber is key to knowing how we protect you from fraud, theft and other credit card malicious crimes. Detailed information about all aspects of the security built into all of our products is available on the Security page of this site.