Online Merchant Console Overview

Detailed Real-Time Reports and Graphs

Every PaySaber product has fantastic features that you can see just by looking at the device, but there are also other features offered to every PaySaber user located in the Online Merchant Console [sometimes referred to as the Virtual Terminal]. One of the most important features is the detailed reports and graphs provided in real-time. As transactions are being processed by your PaySaber(s), a merchant can login to the console and view these transactions in their reports in real-time. Administrators and managers can view every transaction's details, as well as see which PaySaber and user is processing the transaction.


Reports can be viewed in a variety of ways and can be customized to include spcified fields and information set by the merchant. Graphs and charts show the merchant all important aspects of their transactions, from different card type processing to the sources of each transaction. No longer do merchants need to sift through stacks of receipts or monthly statements to find specific transaction details. The best part is that all the transactions ever processed through the merchant's PaySaber(s) are stored in the online console for the life of the account. No matter how many transactions they process, merchants never have to worry about losing their transaction data since it is always stored conveniently online: forever.


To make things even more convenient, the PaySaber reports system also allows merchants to easily email and export reports whenever they need to. The system also has the capability to export reports to programs such as Word, Excel and QuickBooks.

Product Database with Inventory Control

Inside every downloaded copy of the PaySaber application is the capacity to store a complete product database with inventory control. This transforms the application from a simple, low-end "credit card processing only" software to a fully capable point-of-sale system. Whether you use the PaySaber POS with the built in UPC barcode reader or the PaySaber Clip without a barcode reader, inventory control funtionality is built right into the software. The software automatically updates the database and inventory as orders are being placed.

The same product database can be loaded and shared on multiple devices in multiple locations. Companies with multiple locations, sales reps, warehouses, etc. can have the database [and inventory] shared in every location and update in real-time to keep proper tracking of orders and inventory.


Customer Database

Repeat business is key to any company, which is why the USA ePay application comes with the ability to maintain a complete customer database. The PaySaber software includes a customer database that allows merchants to store customer data for easy recurring charges, automatic payments, special order purchasing, payment method storage and so much more. Customers can easily be set up for invoice payments, memberships or auto-bill payments though the database.


The best part is that none of the senstive card and customer data is stored on the device; everything is stored on the PCI compliant payment gateway. So even if a device breaks, is misplaced or even stolen, none of the customers' sensitive information can be maliciously used because all of the data is stored securely on the gateway.


Multi-User / Location Functions

The online merchant console allows multiple users to access it at one time. There is no limit to the number of users per company; businesses with many employees who all need access to their transaction information can set up user accounts for each individual. Each user can also be set up with different permissions and priviledges inside the online console, allowing managers and administrators to determine the right level of access to sensitive transaction information for each individual user account and assign priviledges and permissions accordingly.


The PaySaber software also allows you to establish multiple logins. If a business has multiple locations, each location can be assigned its own login and priviledges for the software. This allows managers to keep track of which user and location processed each transaction.


Cloud-Based Processing

How is it possible that all the customer information processed for merchants is so easily accessible anywhere at any time? Cloud-based processing. This method of processing makes it possible for information to easily sync between multiple mobile devices and it's how inventory, orders and customer data can sync with multiple locations, systems and users.


Reports, graphs, transactions, customers, payment methods... essentially everything is stored in the cloud. Transaction data is no longer stored in one location as with traditional point-of-sale systems and credit card machines; this makes data more accessible, mobile and "fluid" to move around.


Security Built-In

Cloud-based processing is more secure than one might expect. With no data stored in any of the merchant's physical locations or devices, the data can never be stolen, copied or misused for malicious purposes.


Our advanced security methods apply to every transaction completed via our cloud-based processing. All authentication is once again controlled through the USA ePay interface, which allows merchants to easily de-authorize a lost or missing device with the click of a button before the device can fall into the wrong hands. Fraud prevention tools are also put in place on the USA ePay gateway and can be set to lower or higher levels by the merchant at any time.





Security is Key

The Online Merchant Console is Level 1 PCI Compliant and covers all the secuerity requirements set by the card issuers. This guarantees the highest level of security for your business.
Understanding the built-in security of the PaySaber is key to knowing how we protect you from fraud, theft and other credit card malicious crimes. Detailed information about all aspects of the security built into all of our products is available on the Security page of this site.