Support: PaySaber Device Details

The PaySaber connects directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch enabling you to scan items, swipe credit cards and print receipts in a flash.

The printer, UPC barcode scanner, Magnetic Strip Reader and battery combine to make this the best designed, most user-friendly and efficient mobile point of sale solution on the market.

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Operating & Storage Precautions

Please follow the precautions below to enjoy and maintain the full performance of the PaySaber.

• Before using the PaySaber for the first time, fully charge the battery pack.
• Be careful not to drop or bump the PaySaber on a hard surface.
• Do not store the PaySaber in direct sunlight.
• Suitable environment for the PaySaber is as follows:
• Operating temperature: 10-40º C (50-100º F)
• Relative humidity: 10-90%
• Do not install the PaySaber near devices that generate strong electromagnetic fields such as copy machines.
• Do not touch the connectors of the communication cable or close up the infrared transmitter/receiver during printing.

Installing or Replacing the Paper Roll

Before installing a new roll of paper, make sure that the PaySaber is not processing a transaction as changing the paper during a transaction-in-progress may cause transaction details to be lost.

Open the paper cover by placing your fingers under the paper cover and pulling up the paper cover lock.

Place the new paper roll inside with the end of the roll feeding up towards you from the bottom of the roll.

Close the paper cover and use the edge of the door to tear off excess paper.

Please note: Use only rolls of paper on which the paper is not glued to the core as the PaySaber is incompatible with glued paper rolls.

Installing and Charging the Battery

To install the battery pack:

Secure the battery against the bottom of the PaySaber at the angle shown.

Press down to click battery securely into place.

Charge the Battery

To charge the battery, install the battery in the PaySaber and plug the charger into the port to the left of the power button.

• Use a DC 8.4V/0.8A Battery Charger.
• Avoid using a power source with an extremely high current.
• Be sure to turn the PaySaber off before installing or removing battery pack.
• Remove the battery pack if you plan to leave the PaySaber unused for an extended period of time.

Please note the following:

• Turn the PaySaber off before and during charging.
• Do not remove the battery during charging.
• The duration of time that the battery’s charge lasts will diminish over time. (6-month battery warranty)
• Recharging time will vary based on voltage level and ambient temperature of the battery. (average 4-5 hours)
• Unplug the power cord from the PaySaber if you plan to leave it unused for an extended period of time.
Red light = charging, green light = battery is fully charged

Docking Your iPhone and iPod Touch

To connect your iPhone or IPod Touch to the PaySaber, simply follow the directions below.

Docking the iPhone

docking the iPhone

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1. Press down the cradle open switch to raise the cradle.
2. Slide the iPhone into the cradle.
3. Press it down until it latches securely into position.

Docking the iPod Touch

Please note: Additional equipment, the guide and iPod cap, are needed to use the PaySaber with your iPod Touch.

To install the iPod cap, unscrew and remove the iPhone cap (located above the cradle, just below the credit card swiper) and replace it with the iPod cap, screwing securely into place.

Once you have installed the additional equipment, dock your iPod according to the iPhone docking instructions above.


Your PaySaber has a number of built-in functions and status lights near the base of the device.

To turn the PaySaber on or off, press and hold the Power button for three or more seconds.

When the PaySaber is on, you can automatically feed paper through the printer by pressing and holding the Feed button for more than one second.

Power Light
The Power light indicates the status of your PaySaber as follows:

Green light = PaySaber is on and fully charged
Orange light = the battery is partially charged
Red light = the battery is low
Blinking red light = the battery needs to be charged

Error Light
The Error light (red) will turn on to indicate when a problem is preventing the PaySaber from functioning normally. (no paper, paper cover open, etc.)

Using the Magnetic Card Reader

Please note: The magnetic stripe should face you as shown and the card may be swiped in either direction.

Self Test

The self-test procedure will test most of the PaySaber functions. To conduct the selftest, turn on the power while holding down the Feed button.

The self-test:

• ensures that the paper roll has been installed correctly.
• prints current status.
• prints a test pattern using the built-in character set.
• ends automatically once it has completed the preceding items.

The PaySaber will be ready to receive data as soon as it has completed the self-test.

Safety Information

Do not disassemble the PaySaber; USAePay is not responsible for PaySaber damage due to disassembly.

Use only the adaptor that came with your PaySaber; using other adaptors may cause damage.

Turn the PaySaber off before connecting or removing the cord in order to guard against damage due to static electricity.

Store the PaySaber in a dry, temperate place; do not leave the PaySaber in direct sunlight; paper may begin to change color at temperatures over 70º C (158º F).

Always use caution when tearing paper along the sharp edge of the printer cover.

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Additional Support Options

Customer Service

For questions regarding setup and usage of the PaySaber device and software please contact the Customer Service Center or use the online support documentation.

+1 866 872 3729Tollfree:
+1 323 931 2233Local:
+1 323 931 2231Fax:

GorCorp Inc.
4929 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Technical Support

Questions pertaining to the technical aspects of the PaySaber software or hardware can be addressed to the corresponding technical support team.

Software Technical Support
+1 866 872 3729 x706 Telephone:
+1 323 931 2233 x706Local: E-mail:

Hardware Technical Support
+1 866 872 3729 x322 Telephone: E-mail:

Sales & Product Info

The PaySaber line of products are maintained and owned by USAePay. If you have any questions regarding sales or reselling the PaySaber line of products, please contact the Reseller Sales department. A reseller representative will be able to help you get set up right away or sign up online today.

Reseller Sales Inquiries
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