Frequently Asked Questions

Is the application free and where can I download it?

o    The application is free and can be found in the Apple App Store under USAePay.

o    You must have an iTunes account set up.

What username and password do I use to sign into the application?

o    You sign in with the same username and password that you use to sign into

o    For first time users of the USAePay gateway, you must first login to the online console and change the password from the temporary one sent in your welcome email.

Do you have to have an Internet connection to process transactions?

o    Yes, since you cannot process offline transactions, an active Internet or Wi-Fi connection is necessary.

Where can we purchase the hardware for the application (PaySaber, PaySaber Jr. and Clip)?

o    You can purchase these products from your reseller/merchant service provider. Reseller/merchant service providers can also provide you with pricing information.

Can I reset my password through the application?

o    No. To reset your password you will need to sign in directly to

What is the difference between the PaySaber Jr. and the Clip?

o    The PaySaber Clip is a newly released product that easily clips onto tablets and other devices. The compact PaySaber Clip is compatible with the iPad (1st and 2nd), iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4), and the iPod Touch (2nd, 3rd and 4th generations).

o    The PaySaber Jr. is primarily used with iPhones (3G, 3GS, 4) and 3rd Generation or later iPod Touches.

How long can we use the PaySaber device before recharging?

o    Depending on usage, the replaceable lithium-ion 7.4V battery allows approximately eight hours of swiping, printing, scanning and/or processing. The battery can be recharged via the DC power adaptor, or car charger. We recommend bringing a charger and backup batteries (available for purchase from your reseller or merchant service provider) with you to events.

Can you close the batch from the application?

o    Yes. Touching the “close” button at the top right of the Batches screen will close the current batch.

o    We recommend setting up automatic batch closure via the online console.

Am I able to process credits and voids within the application?

o    Yes. Credits can be issued at any time by touching the “Issue Refund” button in the Main Terminal of the application.

o    Voids can only be processed for transactions in your currently open batch. To process a void go to History > Currently Open Batch, then select the original transaction and touch the arrow at the top right of the screen and follow the onscreen prompts to complete the void.

Is there a way for the customer to rewrite the signature?

o    Yes. To erase the current signature shake the iPhone/iPod Touch and it will let the customer sign again.

Will the PaySaber charge my iPhone/iPod Touch?

o    The PaySaber will charge the iPhone/iPod Touch if it is plugged in.

o    If your iPhone/iPod Touch battery is loosing charge faster then the PaySaber we recommend turning off your Bluetooth, turning off the Wi-Fi connection (if you have 3G services enabled) and lowering the screen brightness to 25% to extend the battery life.

How can I add products to the application?

o    Products can be added to the application manually via the application template or the online console as well as via a Product Database Upload.

o    Once products have been added, you can synchronize the online console and application inventories by touching the sync button at the top right of the Products screen.

o    DO NOT make changes to the product list during synchronization as this may cause the database to create duplicate product records.

Why aren’t the products listed in my online console showing up on the application?

o    This can happen when you have added or uploaded the products but have not assigned them to a specific Warehouse (Inventory). You can manage your Warehouses via the Products tab of your online merchant console.

I would like to find paper that fits my PaySaber on my own. What information do I need?

o    The roll should be 2.25 inches wide and 1.25 inches in diameter with a ½ inch core.

o    You must use a paper roll that does not have the paper glued to the core.

o    The paper should be 25’ long or less to fit into the printer correctly.

How do I assign/create barcodes to find products in my database?

o    DO NOT make changes to product details on the application and merchant console at the same time. Once you have made changes either on the app or on the online database you must sync from your iPhone/iPod/iPad before making additional changes via another portal. (app or online console)

o    If you are uploading products in .csv or tab delimited format be sure to assign a unique product ID column to each product row in order for the products to upload properly to your database.

o    You can create UPC codes when you upload your products. Be sure to add a column and name it UPC (the top row of your template should have the contents of the row fields below it). If you do not have UPC codes, you can randomly create a number for your products by highlighting the first field at the top of the column and then putting your cursor in the bottom right hand corner of that field until a [+] appears instead of a cursor and by dragging it down to the other empty fields below. This will generate unique numbers in progression beginning with the number in the top field you pulled down from.

o    To add UPC codes via the barcode scanner you must already have the summary and details of your product. Touch “edit”, then “UPC” on the product screen. The UPC field should be blank. Press the black button on the left side of the PaySaber to activate the scanner and scan the product. Scanning the barcode will populate the UPC field.

o    To print the barcode once it is associated with a specific product, the PaySaber must be powered on. If you are still in the edit mode of the product you can print the barcode by selecting UPC and a grey button will appear the UPC saying “Print Barcode”. The button will not appear of the PaySaber is turned off.

Can I add and save a customer’s payment information on the app for future charges?

o    Not directly, but the information can be added via the online console.

o    Currently the application allows you to add some customer information to your database, but it will not allow you to add a payment method, yet. We are in the process of allowing you to create a customer database and set up customers’ payment methods (wallet) from the application. For now, customers’ billing information can be saved via the online merchant console and synchronized for use on the application.

o    To save a customer’s payment information, log on to your USAePay online console and locate the customer’s initial transaction. Select “Details”, then, on the details screen, click the “Import to Billing DB” button on the right side of the screen. This will apply the information to the customer database from which you can set up a recurring billing cycle, or sync with the USAePay application on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The customer’s payment information will then be stored in their “wallet” on the application for future use.

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