Support: Product Inventory

The product inventory screen allows you to view and synchronize your complete product list as well as add, edit, and delete individual products.

To synchronize your product list, touch the refresh button at the top left of the screen.

Add New Category

To add a category touch the + (plus) button at the top right of the main Products screen, then enter the same of the new category and touch the blue SAVE button at the top of the screen, or the blue DONE button at the bottom right of the screen.

Add New Product

To add an item to your product list, touch the category under which you would like to list the item, then the + (plus) button at the top right of the screen.

Enter the item details such as Product Name, Vendor, SKU, UPC and a product image. (iPod Touch users must transfer the photos from a computer or other device and save them in the iPod's Photo Album.)

You can touch the Category line to change the items' category. Scroll down to enter additional details such as price, list price, wholesale price, the items' taxable status, quantity, shipping information and description as well as delete the product from your list.

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Additional Support Options

Customer Service

For questions regarding setup and usage of the PaySaber device and software please contact the Customer Service Center or use the online support documentation.

+1 866 872 3729Tollfree:
+1 323 931 2233Local:
+1 323 931 2231Fax:

GorCorp Inc.
4929 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Technical Support

Questions pertaining to the technical aspects of the PaySaber software or hardware can be addressed to the corresponding technical support team.

Software Technical Support
+1 866 872 3729 x706 Telephone:
+1 323 931 2233 x706Local: E-mail:

Hardware Technical Support
+1 866 872 3729 x322 Telephone: E-mail:

Sales & Product Info

The PaySaber line of products are maintained and owned by USAePay. If you have any questions regarding sales or reselling the PaySaber line of products, please contact the Reseller Sales department. A reseller representative will be able to help you get set up right away or sign up online today.

Reseller Sales Inquiries
+1 866 490 0042Telephone: