Products Overview

PaySaber Point-of-Sale With a barcode scanner, thermal printer and encrypted card reader, the PaySaber Point-of-Sale is a complete POS system in the palm of your hand. For businesses that require more from their mobile commerce solutions the PaySaber POS can meet those requirements.

PaySaber Jr.Its light-weight design and sleek fit allow anyone with an iPhone to simply slide the Jr. on and start accepting credit card payments securely. Quick, easy and portable enough to take anywhere with you anytime: perfect for the merchant on the go.

PaySaber Clip The Clip is the most cross-platform device in the PaySaber family allowing ANY iOS device to work with it by just clipping it on. Your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad can be used with the Clip. Just "clip" it on and your ready to start taking cards safely and securely.

Online Console

It doesn't matter which PaySaber you choose, every one comes with access to the online merchant console. In the console PaySaber users can view their transactions in real-time as they are being processed as well as view past reports, batches and more.

For security the PaySaber device and your iOS device will never store credit card data, but PaySaber users can access all their client's credit card data through the online console and reference them through "tokens" at any time.

Managing sales, locations, terminals, users and more has never been easier with the PaySaber and its built-in online console reports, customer and product databases and so much more.

Security In Our Products

Every PaySaber product has the highest level of security built into the hardware as well as the software. End-to-end (E2E) ecryption helps us make sure that every transaction processed is safe and secure.

From the moment you swipe a card through a PaySaber product your customer's information is automatically secure. No credit card data is ever stored on your device or mobile handheld. Find out more about how PaySaber's security meets all industry standards including PCI and PA-DSS.
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