Security in Every Transaction

Built with Security in Mind

All PaySaber hardware, as well as its software, is secure in every aspect. Encryption is built into every swipe and data transmitted between the processing gateway and the software is always encrypted and pushed over a secure connection no matter what network your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is using.

Security You CAN'T See

It's the security features you can't see that make the device so secure. USA ePay's identification through keys when processing transactions and the gateway's PIN data encryption are just some of the security put in place on the device and its software. While to the merchant the PaySaber appears as an easy-to-use simple solution, the PaySaber's advanced technology and integrated security set it apart from the rest.

PA-DSS Approval

The PaySaber line covers all the requirements set forth by the Visa & MasterCard corporations regarding processing credit cards through a piece of software on a mobile device. Why is it important to be PA-DSS? It protects the merchant from any Malware as well as software that is just not properly encrypting, transmitting or processing sensitive data.


PCI Compliance

PaySaber's connection to USA ePay is always via PCI Level-1 Certified Payment Gateway. It is only on a PCI certified payment gateway that credit card data can be stored.



The core of our security is a group of principles and accompanying requirements, around which the specific elements of the PCI are organized:

    - Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program - Regularly Monitor and Test Networks - Build and Maintain a Secure Network
    - Implement Strong Access Control Measures - Maintain an Information Security Policy - Protect Cardholder Data

A Secure Connection

All transactions and data syncing use a secure connection with all PaySabers. EV-SSL certificates are used on the servers to insure the highest level of encryption between the PaySaber software and the gateway. The software also encrypts all data packets before sending them off to the gateway.


Transactions Securely Stored

The USA ePay payment gateway ensures that no matter what happens to your device (lost, stolen...) your credit card data is always secure, because it's not stored on your device. All transactions being pulled for reports, batches, and recurring payments are never pulling credit card numbers due to tokenization and processing via reference. This method allows the software to communicate and process with the gateway for these forms of transactions and reports quickly and securely without ever risking senstive data being passed between the software and the gateway.


Security in "Authentication"

Our advanced security methods allow the merchant to be worry-free when using any of the PaySabers. All authentication is once again controlled through the USA ePay interface. This allows merchants to easily de-authorize devices with the click of a button before a device can fall into the wrong hands. Fraud prevention tools are also put in place on the USA ePay gateway and can be set to lower or higher levels by the merchant at any time.

More Fraud Prevention

PaySaber and the USAePay payment goes beyond the basic call of duty for fraud prevention. Staff is on the constant look out for any suspicious transactions or account activity.
You can rest assured that when you use a PaySaber solution, you are protected not just from security threat but from many. Our trained staff is ready to protect you, your business and your transactions. We have also partnered with some of the leading fraud and security experts in the industry to assist us in protecting you.