PaySaber Documentation and Support

Whether you need help getting started, or are wondering how to make the best use of your built-in customer database, the links below will guide you through the process of using the PaySaber in conjunction with the USAePay Credit Card Payment System App.

If you need further assistance, please use the Contact page to access customer service and technical software and hardware support via telephone or email.

main terminal guide

Using the Main Terminal

From the main terminal of the USAePay App you can initiate new transactions, accept quck payment for a product or service, issue a customer refund, enter the details of an offline transaction and access all of the additional features of the app, including your transaction history, customer database, product list and personalized settings. Learn more...

Viewing and Modifying Your History

The USAePay app securely stores all of your transaction information so that you can easily review or make changes to batches and individual transactions. From the History screen you can view recently processed batches, a full list of past and pending transactions as well as easily locate individual transactions and make any necessary changes or additions. Learn more...

Personalizing Your Settings

Every aspect of the USAePay App is highly customizable in order to suit the particular needs and preferences of each individual merchant. From the Settings screen you can set tax rates, determine what, if any, managerial permission restrictions are right for you, control the tip settings, determine the level of detail that will appear on customer receipts, email settings and more. Learn more...

Customer Database

Using the customer database as an integrated part of the USAePay PaySaber system makes flexible, secure transactions even easier with real-time synchronization and easily updatable customer payment and contact details. Learn more...


The integrated product database allows you to easily track and store a wide variety of products and services. From the product screen you can add new products, edit existing products, update inventory counts and sychronize your on-site product list with with multiple warehouse locations. Learn more...

Basic PaySaber Device Details

Learn how to load the paper and operate all basic device functions, including docking your iPhone or iPod Touch, how to correctly load the paper, perform a self-test, and use the built-in magnetic card reader. Learn more...

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Additional Support Options

Customer Service

For questions regarding setup and usage of the PaySaber device and software please contact the Customer Service Center or use the online support documentation.

+1 866 872 3729Tollfree:
+1 323 931 2233Local:
+1 323 931 2231Fax:

GorCorp Inc.
4929 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Technical Support

Questions pertaining to the technical aspects of the PaySaber software or hardware can be addressed to the corresponding technical support team.

Software Technical Support
+1 866 872 3729 x706 Telephone:
+1 323 931 2233 x706Local: E-mail:

Hardware Technical Support
+1 866 872 3729 x322 Telephone: E-mail:

Sales & Product Info

The PaySaber line of products are maintained and owned by USAePay. If you have any questions regarding sales or reselling the PaySaber line of products, please contact the Reseller Sales department. A reseller representative will be able to help you get set up right away or sign up online today.

Reseller Sales Inquiries
+1 866 490 0042Telephone: